Britain drifts towards repressive regimes as no-deal Brexit looms

This article was originally published in The New Arab. As a no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely, Britain's Conservative government risks drifting closer towards repressive regimes in the Middle East to compensate for economic vulnerability, while diminishing the country's influence over them, say analysts and human rights advocates. Dismissing claims that a "no-deal Brexit" could be economically harmful,... Continue Reading →


Challenges to the absolute ban on torture in the 21st Century: a brief outline of the UK Government’s use of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’

The European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) was signed after World War II in 1953. Europe was in ruins, and crimes of humanity had led to calls for a document that set in stone new levels of human rights protection. Article 3 recognises positive and negative duties on states to protect an individual’s fundamental right... Continue Reading →

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Speaking at Greenbelt festival in August, former prisoner, journalist and writer Erwin James delivered a challenging and thought provoking talk on his experience of life inside and reflections on UK penal system. Key to Erwin’s message was a call for increased public awareness and involvement. Highlighting the tendency of to publicise atrocities while hiding from... Continue Reading →


We all know that the trebling of university tuition fees has sparked anger, riots and a decline in university applications amongst current and prospective students but what does it mean in terms of human rights? The £9,000 cap is preposterous and has implications of extreme long-term debt for students starting university in autumn 2012 and... Continue Reading →

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