Chagos and Britain’s Imperial Present

Author: Cai Green Harold Macmillan’s speech “Wind of Change”, in 1960, declared the start of a government-led program of decolonisation. Nevertheless, the British Government did not abandon its position as an imperial power. Any reference to Britain’s imperial past today is simply ill-informed; even in the present day, the UK exerts its political power to... Continue Reading →


The return of China’s re-education camps

Author: Penny Senanarong Stories of the horrors within China’s re-education camps – designed to strip the Uighur Muslims of their identity, reveal how fears and prejudices are manipulated to normalize crimes against humanity. Ask yourself: what do you hold most dear? It would be unsurprising if an answer among your list include your loved ones,... Continue Reading →

Grindr and the Gay Purge

Author: Cai Green For many persecuted LGBT communities, online platforms like Grindr are one of their very few means of communicating. Yet governmental authorities are using these to target LGBT individuals. Online LGBT+ communities are being infiltrated by predatory authorities, luring already vulnerable individuals into imprisonment, blackmail and torture. The visibility of queer people online,... Continue Reading →

Britain drifts towards repressive regimes as no-deal Brexit looms

This article was originally published in The New Arab. As a no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely, Britain's Conservative government risks drifting closer towards repressive regimes in the Middle East to compensate for economic vulnerability, while diminishing the country's influence over them, say analysts and human rights advocates. Dismissing claims that a "no-deal Brexit" could be economically harmful,... Continue Reading →

Can economic reform alter social norms?

Author: Emily Clifford The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has made history with the announcement of a $500bn megacity project, NEOM, during Saudi Arabia's Future Investment Initiative Summit, 24th - 26th October 2017. Source: Arab News Dubbed the ‘destination for the future,’ NEOM was born from Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, an ambitious... Continue Reading →

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