The “Traffickingdom” of Cambodia: Rose Ahier

As we drove through the dusty, bustling streets of Siem Reap, bare-footed children ran after our vehicle and began knocking at our window, eager for money. The word “corruption” hadn’t held much meaning to me until I saw it prevailing through Cambodia in every aspect. And it was impossible to ignore. Even when eating out... Continue Reading →


Keep your rosaries off my ovaries: Poland’s fight for reproductive rights

Women’s rights are human rights. This statement might seem obvious, but considering the extensive restrictions that police the female body, it is apparent that women continue to be viewed as possessions that can -and should- be moulded, shaped and spoken on behalf of in order to fulfil varying sets of cultural and religious ideologies. Recently,... Continue Reading →

Humanity, has it really got any?

Guest poet and musician Eddy Morton of the West Midlands expresses his thoughts on the Syrian crisis in this powerful piece: Humanity, has it really got any? It must be an oxymoron Where will it end, heaven Knows A Syrian doctor in a German Town His two children their minds destroyed By guns and tanks... Continue Reading →

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