Welcome to Human Rights Update

Hello and welcome to this year’s Human Rights Update blog! We’d like to kick off the academic year by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has come along to our meetings so far; we value the input of our members so much and look forward to seeing you all at our future events.

Our first meeting was an exciting one: Helen introduced the society and gave some information about the format of the Amnesty society. We hold campaigns every 4-5 weeks that are decided by both the committee and society members, and we aim to produce creative visuals representing the chosen campaign, as well as protest, petition and advocate.

This term, we had two main pitches for campaigns. The first was “my body my rights”, and centred on abortion rights in Northern Ireland and child marriage in Burkina Faso. The second focussed on homelessness in Exeter city centre, bringing a more local perspective. It was a tight call, but this term the “my body my rights” campaign gained the strongest following. During the meeting we had several ideas on how to make this campaign appealing and striking.

From controversial videos, writing poignant messages directly onto skin, photo campaigns, to staging a child wedding ceremony in the forum, our members had some fantastic ideas on how to create the biggest impact, and we look forward to exploring these plans and creating something memorable and fulfilling.

Welcome and see you all soon!


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