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Week 1/2 Recap


Happy (belated) New Year EHRU-ers!

In Week 1 members decided that they wanted to focus on Guantanamo Bay for the first few weeks.  Thus, in Week 2 we had a quiz on Guantanamo Bay, where we found out that it costs over $3,000,000 to keep ONE PERSON in Guantanamo Bay per year, only THREE of the people currently detained have been formally charged, and we looked at some of the human rights abuses which are taking place inside.  We also watched a documentary, which was released in the USA, to show how “wonderful Guantanamo Bay is”- this is a powerful piece of propaganda to deter action.

If you are interested in watching the documentary, here is the link:

Want to get involved?

  • If you would like to do some letter writing, we have a social at 6pm on Monday 26th January in The RAM.
  • As per usual, feel free to come along to our weekly members’ meetings on Wednesdays in Cornwall House at 1pm.

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