Week 7 and 8 recap

Apologies for the delay of this post!

In Week 7 we watched a documentary that was made by the Guardian on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). If you didn’t make it to the meeting, I recommend that you watch it, as it really explains the cultural reasons for FGM in more detail:

If you’re interested in reading more about it, here is an article by a Maasai woman, who went through FGM when she was 13 years old:

We also discussed the meaning behind some of the My Body My Rights art by Hikaru Cho that Amnesty International has commissioned. Take a look here:

In Week 8 we looked at some of the My Body My Rights campaigns, specifically the abortion ban in El Salvador which you can read more about and sign the petition against here:

Abi and Georgie
HRU Editors


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