Amnesty Meeting- Week One/Week Two Topic

Moses Akatugba- A Victim of Torture Amongst Many
It was in November 2005 when Moses Akatugba of Nigeria was arrested and charged with stealing mobile phones. Since that date he has undergone various forms of abuse and torture. His very “confession” which was used to convict him, was given under duress. To be specific, he was forced to sign a confession after being tied up and hung for several hours in interrogation rooms. They even went so far as to pull out his finger nails and toenails…[1]

He has spent eight years in prison and is still on death row. We want to end this now.

During our second Amnesty meeting we ran a campaign on campus with petitions and signs (which we created on a Monday afternoon- or ‘Crafternoon’ as one member named it!).  This was both to raise awareness and to petition for Moses Akatugba’s release. Equally, we want to raise awareness of the situation in Nigeria. Stories like Moses Akatugba’s seem to be an everyday occurrence.Some members also remained in our meeting room to write letters to the Governor of the Delta state, calling on him to commute Akatugba’s death sentence and to institute an independent investigation into his allegations of torture.

Follow this link for more information on the case and the general situation in Nigeria.

[1] Amnesty International AFR 44/005/2014  Under embargo until May 13th STOP TORTURE Country profile: Nigeria


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