The Death Penalty: A Case Study of State-Funded Slaughter

In the UK, the death penalty was banned in 1965. Now a distant memory of a more brutal past, it rightly remains relegated to the pages of history books. However, in many countries across the world, including the United States of America - a nation that prides itself on its supposed forward-thinking nature – capital... Continue Reading →


Amnesty International Society this fortnight…

Wednesday 8th of October: We spent this meeting looking at different Amnesty campaigns and made a democratic decision to focus our next campaign efforts on: Women's Rights. On Friday 10th there was our fortnightly cake stall in the Forum for fundraising. Monday evening (13th) we had a letter writing social in the Ram to write... Continue Reading →

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN- Amnesty International

Case of: Moses Akatugba, Nigeria Send letters to: Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, Governor of Delta State Office of the Governor, Government House Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria Your Excellency, On 27 November 2005, 16 year old Moses Akatugba was arrested, shot in the hand, beaten by soldiers, and charged with stealing mobile phones. At Epkan police station,... Continue Reading →

Amnesty Meeting- Week One/Week Two Topic

Moses Akatugba- A Victim of Torture Amongst Many It was in November 2005 when Moses Akatugba of Nigeria was arrested and charged with stealing mobile phones. Since that date he has undergone various forms of abuse and torture. His very “confession” which was used to convict him, was given under duress. To be specific, he... Continue Reading →

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