Balkan Floods

The Balkan Floods: What’s going on?

The recent floods in the Balkan regions of Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Croatia has affected a huge portion of the population, with 45,000 people having been evacuated and a death toll potentially ranging from 35 to several hundred- although this figure is only an estimate as the infrastructure of the area has been affected so severely. It is estimated that in the region 350,000 are currently living without clean water and sanitation. There is a huge threat from the spread of infectious diseases as well as the shifting of land mines from the 1990s era. The images and videos on the internet are horrifying. These floods are the worst to be experienced in the region in over 120 years!

From a human rights perspective, the individuals of this region are lacking many of the essentials to survive due to forces beyond their control. It is hoped that the international community will continue to act in response to this crisis.

What can you do in EXETER to help?

This is a message sent round by members of RAG:
“With a large international community at Exeter University many of whom are directly or indirectly linked to the region, we are hoping that, with your help, Exeter Uni can help to relieve the pressure in the region.

Over the next week RAG will be raising awareness of the floods so that students who have not heard about this will be aware that such a travesty has hit the Balkan region. We will be collecting donations of clothes (particularly baby clothes), sanitary equipment (toothbrushes, toothpaste, disinfectant), and other personal hygiene equipment which will be sent to all three countries. We will also be placing Charity Boxes around campus to help raise funds to be donated to the Red Cross Emergency Fund which is currently working very hard in the region”

So please try and help, visit the Forum and act in solidarity with the inhabitants of the Balkans.


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