Letter Writing for the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

This Wednesday in our Amnesty meeting we wrote letters to the President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil urging her to work for the rights of the indigenous peoples of Brazil whose lands are being destroyed for land development and extraction of natural resources. Enumerable tribes have already been wiped out- so it is essential we continue... Continue Reading →


Balkan Floods

The Balkan Floods: What’s going on? The recent floods in the Balkan regions of Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Croatia has affected a huge portion of the population, with 45,000 people having been evacuated and a death toll potentially ranging from 35 to several hundred- although this figure is only an estimate as the infrastructure of the... Continue Reading →

The Committee of UoE’s Amnesty International Society 2014/2015

Exeter Uni Amnesty International Society Committee 2014/15 President: Rob Bental [rb383] Vice-President: Ellen Boivin [eyyb201] Campaigns Officer: Rachel Farr [rf302] Fundraising Officer: Hannah Rixon [hsr206] Human Rights Update Editors: (1) Abi Hansford [ah479] (2) Georgie Siriwardena [gs351] Publicity Officer: Lucia Jamrichová Treasurer: Fong Khei [fkm206] Secretary: Chiun Tiah (Jordan) [tct204] Social Secretary: Sophie Lewis Letter-writing... Continue Reading →

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