This week in Exeter’s Amnesty International Society: An Update

This week we decided as a society that we would like to focus our next campaign on the ongoing Human Rights abuses in Russia, from laws against homosexuality to journalist murders that remain yet to be investigated. (See link to Amnesty official page two posts below.) What is especially exciting about this campaign is that... Continue Reading →


US defend legality of drones in face of Amnesty pressureAmnesty International and other human rights groups report that the US have acted contrary to International Law in their use of drones in Pakistan and Yemen, where they reportedly killed innocent civilians. The US defends the current legality of using drones, despite the fact that killing... Continue Reading →

World Day Against the Death Penalty

Today is World Day Against the Death Penalty, for Amnesty's stance on the Death Penalty and some current information about its use in the world today just  follow the link below. Resumption in executions is a shameful political manoeuvre | Amnesty International Politicians need to stop presenting the death penalty as a quick-fix... Continue Reading →

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