Syria Campaign

So for first term we have been focusing on the escalating civil war in Syria – here is a great video from Amnesty TV on the Arab Spring from earlier this year:

Thousands of people have been killed since the violence started, and many more have been displaced and traumatised as the result of the fighting. Amnesty is calling for the UN to condemn the violence in Syria, and for peaceful protesters to be permitted to voice their desire for a change without fear of persecution. However, for this to happen China and Russia have to alter their position, and stop blocking the action. We are calling for the UN Security Council to:

  • Investigate crimes against humanity under international law.
  • Impose a complete arms embargo on Syria.
  • Implement an asset freeze against the president and his allies.

We are also calling on the Syrian authorities to:

  • Immediately rein in the security forces.
  • End the arbitrary arrest, detention and torture of those who peacefully express their opposition to the government.
  • Cease all other human rights violations.

Find us on campus outside the Forum at 1pm Wednesday 17th October! We will be collecting petitions to send to the Russian government to urge them to back UN sanctions, so that a diplomatic end may be brought to the violence.

Amnesty activists appeal to Putin to take action on Syria

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