Amnesty International Society’s First Demonstration of the Year!

So the demonstration on Campus last Wednesday was a huge success - in just one hour the members of Amnesty International Society gathered 845 petitions! An incredible achievement for the group, and those signatures will join the flock of petitions being sent to the Russian government from all around the world, urging them to help... Continue Reading →


Syria Campaign

So for first term we have been focusing on the escalating civil war in Syria - here is a great video from Amnesty TV on the Arab Spring from earlier this year: Thousands of people have been killed since the violence started, and many more have been displaced and traumatised as the result of the fighting.... Continue Reading →

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Speaking at Greenbelt festival in August, former prisoner, journalist and writer Erwin James delivered a challenging and thought provoking talk on his experience of life inside and reflections on UK penal system. Key to Erwin’s message was a call for increased public awareness and involvement. Highlighting the tendency of to publicise atrocities while hiding from... Continue Reading →

China: A Place of Increasing Democracy?

In the UK, we are fortunate to be able to write articles, such as the following. For thousands of people across the world, this simple act of writing could be illegal. In 2010, hundreds celebrated China’s first Nobel Peace laureate, Liu Xiaobo, as he accepted this prestigious award for his non-violent and persistent struggle towards... Continue Reading →

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