Be the Change’s ‘Project Thika’ is a project seeking to create positive change in the lives and futures of vulnerable and neglected children in Kenya. It is a volunteering project, which will work directly with Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) in Thika, Kenya. AfCiC is a charity organisation based in the United Kingdom and aims to help children affected by crises such as poverty, neglect, conflict, maltreatment and hunger.

The organisation works to break cycles of violence and despair amongst children and youth by supporting them through psychological, emotional and educational means. Their mission relates to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, as AfCiC works to give children and youth the right to protection against all forms of neglect, maltreatment and exploitation; the right to affection, love and understanding; the right to free education and to full opportunity for play and recreation; the right to learn to be a useful and significant member of society and to develop individual skills; and the right to a peaceful world. As a result of their work AfCiC has reduced the population of street children in Thika by over 60% since 2004. (Thika Street Census 2009).

Project Thika will focus on AfCiC’s School Holiday Clubs based in Thika, Kenya, which give disadvantaged children and youths informal educational opportunities. The children who attend the Holiday Clubs are aged between eight and eighteen years and are all from extremely poor and difficult backgrounds. It is aimed to give children and youths a safe haven in between school time where food, sports activities and learning opportunities are provided to them in order to prevent them from going back to a life on the streets. The volunteering project will take place in Kenya working directly with AfCiC’s local staff and children. It is a project which Be the Change supports as a result of its sustainability and continuous work in promoting children’s rights as well as creating positive change in the lives of children.

For more information on Project Thika or how to get involved please contact:

Project Manager (2011-2012) Be the Change Society,


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  1. Hi,

    There has been a case of a child who was sexually abused on Sunday21/4/2013 in Gatanga District Kigio location.After investigation the child was able to identify the rapist but since then he has not been arrested since the parent could not afford ksh1000 to pay for p3 wish ucould help.


    Francis kamau

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