We at Amnesty International Society of Exeter University stand in strong solidarity with the Egyptian people: you all stand not alone in your cry for justice, in your struggle for free and fair elections to bring into being a democratic government.

With the deepest impression of the revolution vividly experienced in the media, by eye witness accounts, on social networking sites and through video clips. We share your grief.

We deeply sympathise with Egyptians as the democratic process seems far-reaching and it saddens our hearts that human values have been eroded, civil liberties trampled upon and protesters met with violent crackdowns. Male and even female protesters have been clubbed heavily, dragged on the road half naked, snipers have shot of life rounds of ammunition and the police have become militarized. All this we know regrettably has either claimed lives or caused grievous bodily harm leading to permanent disablement.

We are neither in doubt nor in silence but we confidently speak in your defence, echoing your voices. We appeal to the military council in power, reluctant to quit the corridors of powers by quickening the electoral process. Military rule under international law and conventions is not acceptable and lacks legitimacy, because human rights abuses are inevitable.

We welcome the present development of accepting women to vote in the electoral process. However, the recent raid on a pro-democracy NGO depicts the anti-democratic ideals held by the current system which are highly unacceptable. Moreover, we urge the military council to speed the electoral process and ensure a free and fair election to usher in a new era of democracy in Egypt. This, the people of Egyptians long to have, while they are waiting, we urge the military government to halt any violent crackdown on civilians in particular by putting an end to the use of poisonous tear gas on protesters. We write in defence of human dignity and sanctity of human life.



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